Tryouts for 18 through 15 divisions:

Open on July 23, 2022

July 26 is the first day a player can sign a Letter of Commitment

July 26 is the first day players may be sized for uniforms

Tryout for 14 and under divisions:
Open on October 1, 2022
October 4 is the first day a player can sign a Letter of Commitment
October 4 is the first day players may be sized for uniforms
Practices may begin as follows:
14 and under - October 29th
15 and older - November 26th
A membership is required for all participants.This membership will be available to pre-purchase on 8/2022. If purchasing Tryout membership, upgrade to full membership will be required to join a specific club. A Letter of Commitment should be signed by all participants. Once the
Letter of Commitment is signed and turned into one club, the player is then committed to that club. If a player does not follow the tryout procedures and commitment date, she may be suspended for the 2022/2023 season.
When purchasing membership for a player that is a minor (DOB on or after 7/1/2003) take the following steps.
  1. Create or sign in to a household account in the name of a parent/legal guardian when you click on the link to membership--
  2. To purchase Tryout Membership go to the following link: Tryout Membership
  3. Full membership can also be purchased at this time at the following link: SCVA Membership
  4. On "Who Is This For" click Add Child or click the name of the child if already in the list of people in the household account.
  5. Add and verify player's information to buy the membership

Players will be evaluated based on skill level, work ethic, and attitude. Following the tryout, players will be offered a spot on a team or asked to come back for call-back (2nd tryout at no cost) for a re-evaluation. Players do not need to attend multiple tryouts unless asked to by a coach.